90 Miles From Tyranny : Kids, Here Are 10 Signs Your Parents Might Be Domestic Terrorists

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Kids, Here Are 10 Signs Your Parents Might Be Domestic Terrorists

Hey! Are you a kid? Are you being raised by normal middle-class parents who love you and care for you? Uh-Oh, watch out! They may be dangerous domestic terrorists! It's important to keep a close eye on your parents for suspicious activity so you can report them to the FBI if necessary. Here are 10 troubling signs your parents may in fact be terrorists:

1) They make you pray to Jesus instead of Dr. Fauci: This is a clear indication they are anti-science, since Fauci IS science, blessings be upon his name.

2) They ask what you learned in school today: Asking this question shows that your parents don't trust the education experts who are forming your entire worldview. Just answer "nothing" and then call the authorities immediately!

3) They say things like: "Let's threaten people and do violent domestic terrorism to them!": If they say this and they're not wearing a BLM t-shirt, it's a bad sign.

4) They require sunscreen when they go to the beach: This is clear evidence that your parents may be white. If they're white, they're automatically dangerous.

5) They take away the pornographic queer theory book you borrowed in the school library: If they give you a wholesome Tuttle Twins book instead, it's bad news.

6) They say racist dog whistles like "this school CRT curriculum seems pretty racist.": Absolutely disgusting.

7) You have never seen them dress in drag at a local library: And if they've never encouraged you or any of your siblings to change genders, chances are they are dangerous transphobes.


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