90 Miles From Tyranny : Loudoun County father who was dragged out of woke school board meeting and arrested was trying to tell other parents his daughter was raped by a boy 'in a skirt' in the girls' bathroom and that staff ignored it

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Loudoun County father who was dragged out of woke school board meeting and arrested was trying to tell other parents his daughter was raped by a boy 'in a skirt' in the girls' bathroom and that staff ignored it

On June 22, Scott Smith was dragged out of a Loudoun County school board meeting after listening to the woke school board justify its transgender bathroom policies. He says he was trying to tell the room that his daughter had been raped by a boy 'wearing a skirt' in the girls' bathroom just weeks earlier and that the school ignored it

  • Scott Smith, a 48-year-old plumber from Virginia, was arrested on June 22
  • He had been protesting at a Loudoun County School Board meeting
  • Smith was dragged out of the room before he could share his point - he says his daughter was sexually assaulted on May 28 by a boy in the girls' bathroom
  • He wanted to use what happened to her to illustrate why he thinks kids shouldn't be able to pick which gender bathrooms they use
  • But he was dragged out before he could and has since been vilified for his views
  • The incident happened at Stone Bridge High School on May 28
  • He tells The Daily Wire that the boy 'sometimes wears a skirt' and had started using the female bathroom
  • The school told Smith his daughter had been assaulted but didn't call police
  • In the end he did, and the boy was charged with multiple counts of sodomy two months after the incident - after the school board meeting
  • On June 22, Loudoun County school staff said they'd never had a report of of a sexual assault in a trans bathroom
  • Smith says they were lying, and that he 'exploded with rage'
A Virginia father who went viral after being dragged out of a Loudoun County school board meeting and arrested for protesting its proposed transgender policies has now revealed he was trying to tell the room that his daughter had been raped by a boy 'in a skirt' in the girls' bathroom.

Scott Smith was photographed on June 22 being dragged out of the heated meeting with his torso exposed in Leesburg, Virginia. The 48-year-old plumber was ridiculed on social media afterwards and was painted by the left to be a deranged, right-wing bigot.

But in an interview with The Daily Wire that was published on Monday, he explains that he was trying to stick up for his daughter, who he says was attacked at Stone Bridge High School on May 28 by a boy 'in a skirt' who took advantage of the trans policies to get into the girls' bathrooms and assault her.

He said he exploded with rage at the meeting after hearing the school's ultra-liberal staff claim they had never received a report of a sexual assault by a transgender child in the bathrooms or changing rooms when he says that's exactly what he reported to them on May 28.

Now, Smith says the school board went out of its way to protect the child - 'a sexual predator' - but demonize him because he opposed its liberal policies.

'It has been so hard to keep my mouth shut and wait this out. It has been the most powerless thing I’ve ever been through,' he said.

'My wife and I are gay- and lesbian-friendly.

'We're not into this children transgender stuff. The person that attacked our daughter is apparently bisexual and occasionally wears dresses because he likes them.

'So this kid is technically not what the school board was fighting about.

'The point is kids are using it as an advantage to get into the bathrooms,' he said.

On the day of the incident, Smith says the school told him to come to the campus because his daughter had been physically assaulted. They did not say she had been sexually assaulted.

Once he got there, he says school staff told him they would handle it internally, choosing not to call the police for an as-yet unexplained reason.

He was enraged by the decision and challenged them on it. The school board then did call the police but to report Smith, not the boy, for making a scene.

'I went nuts. I called the principal a p****. Six cop cars showed up like a f****** SWAT team,' he said.

The school's principal sent out an alert that day warning parents of what had happened involving Smith, but it said nothing of the sexual assault allegations in the bathroom.

It's unclear exactly what happened next but Smith ended up at the hospital with his daughter.

There, they told doctors what happened and a rape kit was performed.

'Thank God that I drew enough attention to it, without getting arrested, that we got an escort to the hospital and they administered a rape kit that night,' he said.

The rape kit verified his daughter's claim so they took it to the police and a case was opened.

The teenager was arrested two months later - after the school board meeting - after an investigation by the sheriff's office.

'We did respond. At the time, the juvenile was 14-years-old. He was charged with forcible sodomy. After that, it goes through...

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Hoagie John said...

The cops in these photos should be doxxed. In fact, every time a cop goes against the people he/she should be exposed . WE MUST FIGHT BACK BEFORE WE ARE EXTERMINATED.

tsquared said...

The father should be put in a 10' x 10' room carrying a Louisville Slugger with the pervert and given 15 minutes to discuss their differences.

Dr Galt said...

Hoagie John is right. None of this happens without the brownshirt pigs providing the muscle. Conservatives have to wake up and realize the pigs are NOT their friends.

mountain boy said...

Think about why this picture is important. This man and daughter suffered a huge injury yet he is being bound the cops to silence him. I keep writing for people to pay attention in that the cops are as great or more of a danger to us than Antifa or BLM. Look at China, Soviet Union or any other terrible form of govt, the cops always allowed that type of govt to take control under the guise of public safety. Notice how Antifa, BLM rioted, looted, burned and killed yet nothing has happened to them. Have you seen any cops protesting that these groups were not punished? Have a plan in your area to neutralize the cops.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Massive numbers of police resigned or left Seattle, Portland, Milwaukee, etc after the summer of 2020. Eventually, if they run short on police recruits, there are always sleazes ready to move in to the jobs. Look at Australia; reminiscent of the Bolsheviks and you know what they did/do. The movements you mention are Bolshevik. Expect the same events to pass if these are not stopped dead in their tracks.