90 Miles From Tyranny : The Leftist media has made it so ‘we don’t know what’s true anymore’

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Leftist media has made it so ‘we don’t know what’s true anymore’

Author and pundit David Rubin warned that the leftist media is getting further and further from the truth lately. Soon, Americans will not know what’s true and what isn’t. Rubin talked about the future of media on the latest episode of the Sara Carter Show.

First, Rubin pointed out all the revelations that have come out of media hypocrisy. Outlets on the left are often caught red-handed framing stories unfairly. For example, CNN cut former President Trump’s comments short, to make it seem like he sympathized with white supremacists following the Charlottesville shooting.

“That chasm between what we can now expose and what they show us, that has gotten so wide. That’s what I’m worried about,” Rubin said. “Because everybody’s sort of falling into the the space between those things now where it’s like, we don’t know what’s true anymore.”
“I think there was this elitist belief, not that they weren’t truthful,” Carter said. “I think that in their own way, they become this elitist group of people that believe they know what’s appropriate for the American people.”

“The press is by and large Democrat,” Rubin said. “They are here to protect their guy, and they are here to destroy the...

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  1. Not only can they not math but if I recall correctly, every one of them that makes that "ok" sign with their hands to indicate 'zero', is flashing up a racist signal.

    Or did they change that?


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