90 Miles From Tyranny : Superman Is Dead To Me...

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Superman Is Dead To Me...

Lois Lane Is Distraught. I'm Disgusted.

I'm Ok if they want to make a new superhero who is gay or bisexual, and let them test their legitimacy in the marketplace, but why fuck with existing characters? Characters we grew up with, characters that had heterosexual relationships?  

How do you guarantee that we abandon our heroes of old? 

Like this.


  1. They can’t create, all they want is to destroy.

  2. That's what the degenerates want. Destroy anything normal and wholesome.

  3. How can you guarantee they won't abandon our heroes of old? Don't buy their product...

  4. Thuperman will never last. The bad guys will always get away because the man of thteel is always getting behind in his work...

  5. Watch your ass cuz superman's coming

  6. My stomach churned when I saw that image. I remember when his love interest looked like Rita Hayworth.


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