90 Miles From Tyranny : Former Child Bride: Biden’s Afghan Resettlement Certain to Bring ‘Culture of Forced Marriage’ to U.S.

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Former Child Bride: Biden’s Afghan Resettlement Certain to Bring ‘Culture of Forced Marriage’ to U.S.

An American woman who survived a forced child marriage is warning that President Joe Biden’s massive Afghan resettlement operation to the United States may be aiding and abetting “in a culture of forced marriage” between minor girls and adult men.

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Sasha Taylor details how she was forced into a marriage with an adult man at the age of 15 so that he could secure a visa and, later, a green card to remain in the U.S. long after his initial visa expired.

Federal immigration law, Taylor writes, helped ensure that her devout Muslim family could use loopholes to keep the adult man in the U.S. by using her as his visa sponsor.

“Arizona’s marriage law and loopholes in U.S. immigration law meant my family still had avenues by which they could exploit and force me — a U.S. citizen and a minor — into marriage,” Taylor writes:

Within months of my forced engagement, I was married in an Arizona courthouse. Because I was a minor, my husband became my legal guardian and was able to fill out his own visa application, naming me as his sponsor. [Emphasis added]

As Taylor notes, even if she had been forced to marry outside the U.S., the federal government would have recognized the marriage — helping her adult male spouse to win a green card.

Since August 2021, President Joe Biden has brought at least 75,000 Afghans to the U.S. for resettlement across 46 states. About 52,000 Afghans, as of last month, have already been resettled in American communities.

Taylor warns in the op-ed that although it may seem like Afghans arriving in the U.S. are free from persecution by the Taliban, many Afghan girls are at risk due to a “culture of forced marriage.”

“Many of the girls arriving from Afghanistan in recent months may be free from the brutality of the Taliban, but they are not free from families who believe in a culture of...

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  1. Then there are the Afghanis brought to the U.S. specifically for role playing in fake villages constructed on U.S. military bases to familiarize troops with that culture. Of course, their [extended] families were brought over too. But they don't live on base. They are free to travel with the same rights as American citizens. It really is back door immigration although perhaps not by design.

    So, while there are clusters of muslim families near military bases, many have wandered far and wide within CONUS. They only become visible when in commission of a crime. The types of crimes are ghastly to a born and bred American. Hence the reason the military constructed these villages populated with real muslims; to lessen the shock when American troops and Marines deployed in country.

    Side note: Here is a clash of cultures. What is considered a crime under our laws may be permissable in their culture. Do not think it is only a question of assimilation. The large majority will not assimilate, they are staunchly opposed to assimilation for it means sacrifice of their culture. To even allude to the concept will bring their fierce resolve bubbling to the top. They really are nasty in behaviors.

    Honor killings more aptly named revenge killings, gang rapes, forced marriages (the girl as young as nine), uncles raping young neices and nephews, sexual slaves from within the family. These and more are permissable practices in their culture. That these people are now in the U.S. under U.S. law mattera not. The large majority of them will not change - actively resist such change - to accommodate U.S. law or culture.


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