90 Miles From Tyranny : California State Senator Scott Wiener Accused of Sending Hateful Homophobic Message to Himself

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Monday, December 5, 2022

California State Senator Scott Wiener Accused of Sending Hateful Homophobic Message to Himself

Twitter users are accusing California State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) of sending a homophobic message to himself in an alleged botched hate crime hoax.

After sparring online with high-profile conservatives, Wiener on Wednesday claimed a tweet posted by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk had incited someone to send him a death threat.

“Not even 24 hours after MAGA grifter Charlie Kirk tweeted homophobic lies about me, I received this threat repeating one of his lies,” Weiner tweeted.

In a Twitter thread assailing Weiner on Tuesday, Kirk had written: “If elected Republicans care as much about their voters’ concerns as Scott Wiener cares about freeing pedophiles and mutilating children, they’d have won total victory long ago.”

In the thread, the conservative pundit referred to two controversial bills that were sponsored by Weiner in California: SB 145, which expanded discretion for judges to exempt mandatory sex offender registration in anal rape cases, and Senate Bill 107, which made California a “refuge” for minors from other states seeking radical irreversible sex change procedures on minors, including puberty blockers, chemical castration, and surgical amputations.

Wiener also co-sponsored a bill in 2017 to remove the felony penalty for knowingly exposing another person to HIV. Another bill he pushed, SB 866, would have allowed 12 year-olds to get mRNA injections without parental knowledge. The bill was too much for even liberal California, and was pulled after it caused a public outcry, which Wiener and his allies in the media characterized as a “hate-filled pressure campaign.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) earlier this month called Wiener a “communist groomer” after he tweeted: “The word ‘groomer’ is categorically an anti-LGBTQ hate word.”

In a post headlined, “After A Death Threat, Senator Wiener Fires Back At Far-Right Attacks, SF Gate reported: “Weiner has described their comments as homophobic and a “stain on our country.”

Wiener said in a statement Wednesday: “LGBTQ leaders around the country are under attack by toxic, far-right ideologues and elected officials. These MAGA talking heads—whose party performed far worse than expected in the midterm elections—have no meaningful policy solutions for the issues facing our country. Instead, they are focused on slandering and demonizing gay and trans people and using us as scapegoats.”

To prove his point, he posted a threat that he claims was received less than 24 hours after Kirk had tweeted about his controversial positions. While he didn’t specify how the threat was sent, he implied it was through Twitter’s direct messaging, saying “Twitter is becoming a cesspool for this crap.”

As conservative Twitter noticed, Weiner appeared to have left his computer’s underlined grammar suggestions, and cursor bar in place when he screenshot the message, strongly suggesting that he typed the message himself.

After Twitter users pointed this out, Weiner claimed it was a voicemail that had been transcribed, not an email.

“And for all the MAGA conspiracy theorists out there, the threat was a voicemail,” he tweeted. “This is a transcription. But have fun spinning around with your conspiracies.”

Twitter users found that suspicious too, since a voicemail transcript would not display a cursor and spell check marks. In other words, instead of having his iPhone transcribe the voicemail into a text format for him, Weiner appears to have typed it out manually.

“Oh so you got a voicemail death threat and instead of posting the audio you carefully transcribed it, posted the transcript, and never even mentioned that it was a voicemail until everyone doubted your original story? Sure that makes sense, Jussie. Totally believable,” tweeted the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

Twitter users accused the lawmaker of attempting to claim victimhood status through an apparent fake hate crime, and dubbed him:

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Anonymous said...

Wait, a Democrat politician LIED about a political issue to further their own agenda? Fabricated some total nonsense out of whole cloth? Complete and utter bullshit from top to bottom, and clings to it (doubles down even), despite evidence otherwise?
Have they called their opponent racist or a homo/trans-phobe yet? Thats usually next... thats what these people do. Thats why you can't debate or have rhetorical discourse with these people. They aren't interested in logic or critical thinking, trying to is a waste of time.

Mac said...

"Sending a homophobic message to himself"

Gee Wally, isn't that a form of masterbation?
Yeah Beave and it probably earned him the "Homosexual Squeal of Approval" too!

Matthew said...

But, but, but, if it weren't for all the rampant, continuous, non-stop right-wing hate rhetoric from all the extreme right-wing haters, hating and spewing their toxic hateful anti LBGTQ+++ lies about the rampant, pedophilic grooming absolutely everywhere, the pedophilic groomer community wouldn't have to make up right-wing hate every time! So, THERE!

Anonymous said...

“You’re okay with people intentionally giving other people AIDS” and “you’re proud of releasing all these pedophiles.” he wrote about himself. This dude is a sicko. He’s foisting his sickness on the rest of California. And showing some pride in his sick laws. And there are enough sickos in their legislature to pass this dude’s sicko laws that only benefit the most perverted sick people in the state.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Weiner is an absolute turd. Been watching him for about 5 years now; he whines and enjoys deviance, is supported by same. He is responsible for some of the slimiest legislation to land in California and proud of it of course. Very much a strong voice for the deviant movement. That he faked his own hate crime would never be out of the question if it would help...

I always wonder who elects slimebags like this one!

MMinWA said...

^^^^^Our elections are fraudulent Noor, that's how scum like this are installed^^^^^

Anonymous said...

The entire world is nothing but a kabuki theater of the absurd designed to fool the fools and retain power. Truth is intentionally not available there. This is a problem in every government.