90 Miles From Tyranny : Rutgers professor DROPPED for racist AF rant about ‘whiteness ending’ (watch)

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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Rutgers professor DROPPED for racist AF rant about ‘whiteness ending’ (watch)

We’ve seen a lot of ‘professors’ over the years saying some horrifically and monumentally stupid crap about almost every topic, but this from Rutger’s Professor Crunk (yes, that’s her name) about white people being the villain, whiteness having an end date, and her quite proudly claiming ‘we’ve gotta take these muthaf**kers out,’ takes the racist cake.

Can you imagine if a white professor said this about ANY race?


And she thinks whiteness is the problem … alrighty then.

We know, we’re not supposed to believe that anyone can be racist against white people but damn, this is freakin’ racist.

Monumentally ignorant … identity treated as a substitute for a scholarship.


True story.

Oh, absolutely. And there would be riots, Targets looted, statues destroyed, and a bunch of white liberals saying WHITE PEOPLE DESERVE THIS or whatever. See the summer of 2020…

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realwesterner said...

Well, the donuts don't stand a chance. Its a good thing we have people like her to remind us of how stupid leftism makes people.

JG said...

I worked my way through college working for the phone company in the mid to late 70s. I am white and worked on multiracial crews first in East LA (Mexican Slums) and then South Central LA (Black Slums).

I never found racism until in the Black Slums. This was open warfare. Black on Black crime, Black crime period. Drive-bys. We were all attacked. My boss, who was black, was shot. I was eating lunch at a fast food when a gang saw another different gang member walking by a bus stop and drove around and opened fire and killed five and shot up the fast food, and I just missed getting shot.

JackieO said...

No doubt a doctorate in dumbfuckery.

P n E said...

When I began working in a fairly big city a few decades ago I was given some sage advice..."You have not seen a racist until you have seen a black racist." This was an accurate statement. They can be racist toward white people, Asians, whoever because they are excused for it. There are zero consequences for a black person exhibiting racism towards any other group of people. I am really surprised to read this story that this "professor" is being sanctioned for her rant.

Anonymous said...

You misunderstood Prof. Crunk. She said “take out”. As in to go. You know, food! She obviously eats everything she gets her hands on. She signed her high school yearbook picture, “You gonna finish that?”

Anonymous said...

She’s right you know.
How much better would society be if whites weren’t in charge?
Just look at all the examples around the world.

MMinWA said...

I hope whatever they "dropped" her on was concrete or titanium.