90 Miles From Tyranny : FBI Election Interference? Juvenile bomb-threat caller never posed credible danger to HBCUs, but FBI refused to say so until after midterms

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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

FBI Election Interference? Juvenile bomb-threat caller never posed credible danger to HBCUs, but FBI refused to say so until after midterms

What did the FBI know, and when did it know it?

The recently announced results of the FBI’s investigation into bomb threats made in February targeting Historically Black Colleges and Universities effectively debunk the narrative that these threats were made by a malicious group of white supremacists.

On November 14 — six days after the midterm elections — USA Today reported a senior FBI official said the “bulk of the threats leveled against historically Black colleges earlier this year are believed to be linked to a single juvenile who has been prosecuted as a minor by state authorities.”

The agency’s admission raised more questions than it answered. What the feds have not said is:
  • The race of the suspect
  • The motive of the suspect
  • When the suspect was charged
  • What state was the suspect charged in
  • Why the agency did not charge the suspect as an adult after terrorizing HBCUs
And perhaps most importantly: Why didn’t the agency share the results of the investigation far sooner than a few days after the midterm elections — and after multiple requests from Congressional Republicans and Democrats?

“The Biden administration launched an FBI investigation into the February threats, labeling the incidents ‘hate crimes’ and ‘Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism,’” Politico reported in mid-August. “Six months later, there have been no arrests. No suspects have been named, there have been no public statements about what triggered the threats and no clarity given as to whether the incidents were linked.”

Over the past six months, members of both parties called on the Department of Homeland Security and FBI multiple times to inform them of progress on the investigation. The most recent request was on Oct. 4 by Republican U.S. Senator Tim Scott along with Democrats in the HBCU Caucus.

One can only speculate as to why the feds slow-walked any announcements.

Worst-case scenario: the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI knew this juvenile was not a credible threat and was not part of a white supremacy group — however they continued to use this HBCU bomb threat story to promote a political narrative that “white supremacy is the greatest threat to the homeland” for eight months leading up to the November 8 election.

On April 8 — a month after the FBI admitted at least they suspected a juvenile — Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a speech that “the most prominent threat is the threat of white supremacists. And that came quite clearly to the surface when...

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Wayne Wilson said...

The kid was of black african descent. He didn't fit the agenda.