90 Miles From Tyranny : Visage à trois #633

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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Visage à trois #633

Three Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Three Additional Bonus Videos:

Videos That Are:
  • Usually Short.
  • Usually Timely.
  • Usually Scraped, Gleaned And Pilfered From Social Media.

Visage à trois #280 - Shall Not Be Infringed Edition...


Anonymous said...

should have just shot him.

Rick said...

The election was stolen. It wouldn't matter how many peoole saw what's in the lap top. Votes didn't matter. The election was stolen.

What horseshit is Bannon running? Does he pretend to those who pretend that 'if only they had enough votes'?
Obviously thay implies it was an honest election. Bullcrap!

MMinWA said...

^^^^^Agree 1,000%-if another 5 million people voted for DJT, the scum running their counting in the 5 counties that stopped in the middle of the night would have just adjusted their numbers^^^^^

And this guy thinks writing letters to Benny Thompson would have an effect???? Goodfuckinggrief, the guy is a 100% communist.