90 Miles From Tyranny : PROOF! Deep State sabotaged Clinton investigation

Sunday, April 29, 2018

PROOF! Deep State sabotaged Clinton investigation

A breakthrough new revelation shows that the Obama administration was such a black hole of justice that two separate investigations into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s crimes were nearly shut down by the same Deep State official – and they happened right after a possible bribe.

According to a crack investigative reporter, one of the highest-ranking figures in the Obama administration shut down the investigation into Hillary’s homebrew e-mail server – the same time his wife got a big, fat campaign donation from a Clinton insider.

Andrew McCabe, who was the FBI Deputy Director for Barack Obama, told agents to back off the investigation into crooked Hillary’s e-mails, something his agents are calling a “stand down” order.

Multiple former FBI agents told investigative reporter Sara A. McCarter that evidence of criminality was piling up, but McCabe ordered them to butt out.

As Secretary of State, Hillary’s use of an unsecured e-mail server put national security in peril. She denied sending classified material over her personal system, but investigators retrieved undeniable proof that she did repeatedly – making them easy prey for foreign spies and private hackers.

The story went public after it was published, surprisingly enough, by the New York Times.

FBI agents say McCabe gave the stand-down order sometime between when the story hit in March 2015 and that July.

That means that McCabe tried to squash the politically embarrassing investigation into crooked Hillary’s server before it even began.

The eyebrow-raising decision came as McCabe’s wife Jill was running for Virginia state senate as a Democrat – and as her campaign got a huge donation from a Clinton ally.

The Wall Street Journal found election records showing that she received $700,000 from super PACs associated with Terry McAuliffe, the then-Virginia governor who has a cozy, decades-long relationship with...Read More HERE

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