90 Miles From Tyranny : Forget Facebook: China Now Mines Data Directly From Workers’ Brain

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Forget Facebook: China Now Mines Data Directly From Workers’ Brain

Orwell was a Neanderthal at surveillance compared to what Technocrats in China are currently implementing: brain-wave sensors that continuously monitor your emotions and state-of-mind. While offered as a ‘worker safety’ technique, there is no comfort to be taken from this draconian application to control human behavior. 

On the surface, the production lines at Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric look like any other.

Workers outfitted in uniforms staff lines producing sophisticated equipment for telecommunication and other industrial sectors.

But there’s one big difference – the workers wear caps to monitor their brainwaves, data that management then uses to adjust the pace of production and redesign workflows, according to the company.

The company said it could increase the overall efficiency of the workers by manipulating the frequency and length of break times to reduce mental stress.

Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric is just one example of the large-scale application of brain surveillance devices to monitor people’s emotions and other mental activities in the workplace, according to scientists and companies involved in the government-backed projects.

Concealed in regular safety helmets or uniform hats, these lightweight, wireless sensors constantly monitor the wearer’s brainwaves and stream the data to computers that use artificial intelligence algorithms to detect emotional spikes such as depression, anxiety or rage.

The technology is in widespread use around the world but China has applied it on an unprecedented scale in factories, public transport, state-owned companies and the military to increase the competitiveness of its manufacturing industry and to maintain social...

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