90 Miles From Tyranny : Why Trump’s North Korea Success Is Example of “Genuis Level Diplomacy”

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Why Trump’s North Korea Success Is Example of “Genuis Level Diplomacy”

It has often been said that Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot. Even as his political contemporaries and media pundits in the 1980’s mocked Mr. Reagan for what they dismissed as an overly-simplistic approach to world affairs, time and time again Reagan proved them wrong and in the end was the man most responsible for freeing hundreds of millions from the tyranny of an oppressive Soviet regime. The parallels between Reagan vs the Soviet government and Trump vs the North Korean government are striking.

A recent social media post by a Trump supporter described the President’s success with North Korea as “genius level diplomacy.”

The gist of that conclusion goes like this:

**Trump comes out swinging against North Korea warning the authoritarian regime he won’t put up with nonsense as previous presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama) have done.

**Trump moved forcefully against China economically via demands for new trade agreements. While on the surface China tries to appear only mildly upset, behind the scenes Chinese officials are in a panic over what that could do to their economy. This, in turn, makes them, for the first time ever, take the sanctions against North Korea seriously.

**The North Korean regime starts to feel the impacts of real sanctions on them. China quietly but forcefully urges the regime to back off its nuclear ambitions.

**The Trump government is opening back channels of communication with...
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  1. Trump is actually better. I think Reagan was more surprised than anyone. Although all Trump did was dare to engage, after serious saber rattling. He simply used the two parts, in combination, without backing down, that hadn't been used before. All other presidents just backed down, sending food and oil while getting nothing. Trump even shut that down from other axis members, naming and shaming Chinese and Iranian ships. Didn't Iran lose an oil tanker or two (in theory to other terrorists :p )? Yeah, playing just hard enough to win. It is less about genius than having and using a brass pair.


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