90 Miles From Tyranny : Facebook Is Now Ranking News Organizations Based on ‘Trustworthiness’

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Facebook Is Now Ranking News Organizations Based on ‘Trustworthiness’

Looks like facebook is gonna "save us" just in time for elections.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed his platform has started to rank news organizations based on “trustworthiness,” with low-ranking sources becoming suppressed.

“We put [that data] into the system, and it is acting as a boost or a suppression, and we’re going to dial up the intensity of that over time,” declared Zuckerberg during a speech at the Rosewood Sand Hill hotel, with media executives in the audience on Tuesday. “We feel like we have a responsibility to further [break] down polarization and find common ground.”

Zuckerberg did not clarify how the “trustworthiness” of news organizations would be ranked.

According to BuzzFeed, Zuckerberg’s meeting at the hotel “included representatives from BuzzFeed News, the Information, Quartz, the New York Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, Recode, Univision, Barron’s, the Daily Beast, the Economist, HuffPost, Insider, the Atlantic, the New York Post, and others.”

Zuckerberg also reportedly declared his intentions to invest billions of dollars into “a combination of artificial intelligence and tens of thousands of human moderators to keep both fake news and deliberate propaganda at bay, especially in elections.”

“We’re essentially going to be losing money on doing political ads,” the Facebook CEO proclaimed. “The big miss is we didn’t expect these kind of coordinated...Read More HERE

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