90 Miles From Tyranny : War: Trump goes off on lying Democrat Sen. Jon Tester for slandering Dr. Ronny Jackson

Monday, April 30, 2018

War: Trump goes off on lying Democrat Sen. Jon Tester for slandering Dr. Ronny Jackson

There are times when Donald Trump’s refusal to operate according to the established rules of Washington is so desperately needed, it reminds you of why some of us overlooked so many of his flaws and decided it was worth the risk to elect him. (In addition to his opponent being Hillary, of course.)

Trump’s nomination of Dr. Ronny Jackson to be Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs was questionable because Jackson arguably didn’t have the right background for it, but none of that justified the complete, slanderous character assassination perpetrated against Dr. Jackson by Democrat Sen. Jon Tester of Montana.

Jon Tester is a lying, slanderous dirtbag. The allegations he publicly aired against Dr. Jackson in the run-up to his now-aborted confirmation hearings were completely false, totally unfounded and scurrilous in every way. They are now being factually refuted by the Secret Service and by police reports of the incidents Sen. Tester completely misrepresented.

CNN gleefully ran with Tester’s slanderous allegations, because that’s what CNN does, but we’ve long known how CNN does business. Jon Tester is a public official, and he has no business engaging in character assassination of good men simply to score a partisan take-down. Yet that’s exactly what he did to Dr. Jackson.

Now normally, the stance of the White House would be that this is the way the game is played and there’s nothing you can do about it. There are already Beltway types trying to blame all this on...Read More HERE

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