90 Miles From Tyranny : MSNBC Hits New Low, Pushes Idea Trump Has STD

Friday, May 4, 2018

MSNBC Hits New Low, Pushes Idea Trump Has STD

It’s no secret that MSNBC has a strong liberal slant, but the network may have just devolved into complete parody.

During a “Morning Joe” segment that can only be described as an anti-Trump hate fest, hosts Mika Brzezinski and Elise Jordan set a new low for crass unprofessionalism when they implied on live television that the president of the United States might have a sexually transmitted disease.

The exchange started when MSNBC gleefully repeated insults against Trump that have allegedly been uttered by administration officials like John Kelly.

Clearly enjoying smearing the president, “Morning Joe” hosts reported the quotes even though most were unproven and came from questionable sources like BuzzFeed and the admittedly-embellished “Fire and Fury” book.

The discussion was about whether White House staff members who clash with the president would have a tough time continuing their careers afterward. That question was fair enough, but then Jordan purposely steered the debate into the gutter.

“You leave with the political equivalent of an STD — to talk about something that Donald Trump worries about constantly,” Jordan quipped.

Yes, a major news network just declared that the commander in chief has a sexually transmitted disease in order to make an analogy.

“It’s something that you just don’t get rid of very easily,” Jordan went on, hammering home her sick example.

There was a bit of chatter, and then Brzezinski decided to get in on the sleaze.

“Wait a minute,” she interjected. “Maybe that’s (an STD) why they raided his...

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