90 Miles From Tyranny : FBI Hides Email Records with CNN Related to Roger Stone Raid From Public

Friday, April 5, 2019

FBI Hides Email Records with CNN Related to Roger Stone Raid From Public

The FBI is denying an open records request for transparency regarding the controversial raid of Trump associate Roger Stone’s home

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is stonewalling the public regarding possible collusion with CNN reporters before pulling their jackbooted raid of Roger Stone’s home, arresting the elderly Trump associate with a show of force worthy of El Chapo.

The Federalist filed an open records request to witness all FBI emails addressed to and from CNN before the pre-dawn raid of Stone outside of his Fort Lauderdale, FL home. The FBI quickly denied the request.

“Please provide all e-mails sent to or received from any account with a ‘cnn.com’ domain from January 24, 2019 through January 25, 2019,” The Federalist wrote in their Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request.

While it was rumored that Stone’s home would be raided and he would be prosecuted for several months before it occurred, CNN reporters knew to get in position the day it did finally did happen. The raid looked as if it was a staged public relations event for Robert Mueller’s ‘Russian collusion’ probe.

In complete disregard for the intelligence of their audience, the CNN producer behind the coverage of Stone’s raid had the gall to claim it was “reporter’s instinct” that caused the display to be timed like a Hollywood production.

“It’s reporter’s instinct,” CNN producer David Shortell said after being asked about the suspicious display. “The whole Russia team thought maybe something was happening.”

“There was some unusual grand jury activity in Washington, D.C., yesterday,” Shortell said, continuing his rationale. “Robert Mueller’s grand jury typically meets on Fridays. Yesterday, Thursday, there was grand jury activity.”

“We also had some other signs that maybe something was going on this angle, the Roger Stone angle,” Shortell added. “So we showed up at his house this morning, we were the only ones there, and lo and behold...

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  1. The time for dead pigs is fast approaching.

    God damn them to hell for their treason.

    And God damn their families with them.

  2. Why are none of these people wearing orange jump suits?? From the ones who approved the action to the ones who gave the orders to the ones who carried out the orders!!!!!!
    Why does the government have the right to pick and choose and we do not??


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