90 Miles From Tyranny : Grisly murder by Muslim immigrant ignites asylum debate in Austria

Friday, April 5, 2019

Grisly murder by Muslim immigrant ignites asylum debate in Austria

An Iraqi immigrant who arrived in Austria years ago, had his residency permit withdrawn in 2011 because of his long criminal record. Despite that, he did not leave the country. He is now on trial for the murder of his fiancée.

  • Daban K. stabbed his fiancé Nagsha R. to death because she mocked his penis
  • Iraqi Koerd stabbed his partner, who was a mother of five, four times
  • Suspect accused the attack on her mocking him and said he was & # 39; not a real man & # 39;
  • She hid Daban K. from the Austrian authorities after attacking a previous victim
These disturbing events have prompted a debate about the asylum system in Austria after Vienna’s Regional Court convicted an immigrant from Iraq, Daban K of murdering his partner, a mother of seven (or five, according to some reports).

His illegal stay in Austria may have been turned into a life sentence in prison, although the decision is not final.

The 40-year-old admitted to stabbing the woman, in whose apartment he lived over recent months and whom he reportedly wanted to marry. He had previously denied his guilt, claiming that “she had wounded herself”.

According to the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, he “loved this woman a lot” but her complaints about too much sex and his hashish consumption had left him insulted feeling insulted.

“She insulted my manhood, she said I do not even have hair on my chest”, the murder suspect explained to the court.

“She cheated on me three times with other men and did not want to sleep with me anymore, and, at some point, she said my penis was too small”, he told a psychiatrist, according to the Austrian magazine Heute.

A neighbour heard the woman screaming “Save me, he wants to slaughter me!” He saw Daban stabbing her and then pile an armchair, table and, shawls over the lifeless body leaving the scene of the murder calmly.

The details of this grisly knife murder has raised questions about the Austrian asylum system, according to the website oe.24.

The migrant’s asylum application was reportedly rejected in 2005, but he was deported because he was “entitled to subsidiary protection”. This status was withdrawn in 2011 after the man was convicted of extortion, but he ignored the order and even filed another asylum application.

In 2016, the migrant was reportedly sentenced to imprisonment for trafficking, and in the same year he was sentenced to nine months behind bars for...

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