90 Miles From Tyranny : What Do These 4 People Have In Common?

Friday, April 5, 2019

What Do These 4 People Have In Common?

They Were All Murdered By This Illegal Alien...

RIP Gerold And Sharon David, Victims Of An Illegal Alien...

Suspect in 'brutal' murder spree in Nevada is an illegal alien

Illegal alien charged with raping a man in Florida

Illegal Alien Beat And Raped A 93 Year Old Beloved Grandmother Who Later Dies, Family Devastated

Rewarding Illegal Behavior Leads To More Illegal Behavior...

13 Year Old Girl Kidnapped And Raped By Ten Illegal Immigrants

Dad Whose Son Was Killed By One Of Obama’s Illegal Aliens Demands An Explanation, Again

America’s Top Model Contestant Murdered by Illegal Alien..

Illegal Alien Raped, Murdered Pre-School Teacher

Illegal Alien Here For One Month, Has Already Raped a 10-Year-Old Girl

Illegal Alien (on parole) Charged With Kidnapping and Raping 12-year-old Girl in North Carolina

Illegal Alien Who Raped 14 Year Old Girl and Killed Another Woman Pleads Guilty To Rape, Murder In Ohio Rampage

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