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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Never Apologize For Being A Patriot...

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  1. I was at the range again lately and was accosted by a middle aged woman for having what she decried "a SCARY
    weapon". It was actually a M1A on an EBR Sage chassis. accurate shooter but a bit heavier than a AR platform.
    I pointed out to the lovely looking woman that a true weapon designed to take life and destroy it is in my opinion something scary. the machinery itself is really not scary, it is the intended use for the machine that is scary. I took the time to break down the weapon and show her what was what and a bit of history back thru Garand and the significance of a Designated Marksmans Rifle in the modern combat environment in say the deserts and hills of the middle east or such similar environs. I asked her if she would fire a few rounds which she did. said it recoiled very little and she was on paper. easypeasy. also said it was still scary but that it was a good thing. beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.


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