90 Miles From Tyranny : Another Example Of How Disgusting Democrats Are...

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Another Example Of How Disgusting Democrats Are...


  1. I did some computer work for our current Congresswoman and several other state and local officials in a shared office space maybe 15 years ago. Behind closed doors, with no constituents or media around, this is exactly how they behaved. Everything was just a scheme, with victims. Conversations are snide, mean-hearted and conspiratorial. Always about liberal politics, all the time.

    Place left a bad taste in my mouth. I stopped working with them after a couple of visits.

  2. Well, they're going to be laughing out the other side of their face based on the results of the two special elections in Demonrat districts that flipped to Republican in the last couple days. The jokes going to be on them.



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