90 Miles From Tyranny : Sounds Like Someone Is Getting Scared....

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sounds Like Someone Is Getting Scared....

"You Begin To Get Worried...."

You Better You Traitorous Bastard.


  1. For all of our outrage, nothing is going to happen to the Magic Negro

  2. Nothing will happen to the mulatto messiah. He's breathing while black...

  3. concur that he will escape prosecution, but not justice. our (up to this point, anyway) peaceful transitions of alleged representatives in gov't, are offered some 'immunity'. the office of POTUS had an even higher level of immunity (remember, Nixon and Clinton did not go to jail, but suffered loss of other things). If we join other 3rd world sh*thole actions, each outgoing group will be tried and convicted by the current mob in power. Mr. Obama's problem, IMHO, is he cannot keep his mouth shut, and go enjoy retirement in his oceanfront mansion with brief stays in his DC mansion. I have read and seen enough in the yellow press for the last 10 years+ to believe that the same yellow press is desperately manning the AA batteries, as the "truth" is now over the target.


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