90 Miles From Tyranny : Joe Needs A Hero...

Monday, May 11, 2020

Joe Needs A Hero...

...And It's The Media...


  1. The same people who crucified Brett Kavanaugh based on nothing more than her word are suddenly embracing the term 'due process' when it comes to Biden. How can people live with such blatant hypocrisy in their own lives?

  2. There's no hypocracy. Their code is "by any means". Lies and propaganda are just "means". They will publicly embrace any position, no matter how absurd, then totally reject it the next day and forget it ever existed. Support the team. That is all that matters.


  3. Generic has the right of it. We recognize hypocrisy and try hard to maintain a consistent moral position in our lives. Others simply don't feel any guilt or shame about holding one view one day and a polar opposite the next. The justification is that it is what is needed to achieve their goal and there's a great liberation in not needing to be consistent; there are no difficult choices. BUT... you cannot behave that way in isolation. You must be surrounded and insulated by the like-minded, AND there are always unintended consequences. Unfortunately, those higher up the food chain rarely experience the adverse results of those decisions, and those that do are sufficiently far removed in time, location and social strata that they are unaware of the cause of their misery or persuaded that it is the fault of you and I.
    Once people like that reach a critical mass in society, it goes downhill rapidly; I think we're already there.


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