90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump On The Greatest Political Scandal In American History:

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Trump On The Greatest Political Scandal In American History:


  1. What is Obamagate? I googled the question and got 100s of hits, none of which answered it. All they did was prattle on about how felonious Trump is. I'm from Australia so please excuse my ignorance.

    1. Obamagate is essentially that Obama is the head of the snake in using all the tools of the state to effect and overthrow a political election. Obama, The CIA, The FBI and Obama's entire administration including Hillary Clinton. They created the fake Russiagate and used it to spy on, arrest and imprison members of Trumps administration in an effort to get them to lie about Trump. Their problem? They could not compel anyone to lie, even under the threat of imprisonment.

  2. I watched (with utter disgust) at portions of Obama's virtual commencement speech. He is the definition of a petty, immature, snide and jealousy laden incompetent child. The icing on the cake was watching Moochelle sit there looking like Ghetto Gertie while she smiled and nodded up and down to each and every word Barack said. I thought the Clintons were disgusting and the Bush's fake as all get out but the Obama's have them both beat hands down times 100. I sincerely hope to see a change in their expressions if they ever get the justice they so rightly deserve. Not counting on it though.....


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