90 Miles From Tyranny : U.S. Media Helps China Spread Propaganda About Wuhan Virus And Foreign Policy

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

U.S. Media Helps China Spread Propaganda About Wuhan Virus And Foreign Policy

Perhaps still worse than our media providing an open platform for the Chinese Communist Party is its parroting of CCP propaganda.

Communist China talks a big game about the need for “cooperation.” But for several decades, it has continuously worked to undermine cooperation. Perhaps more disturbingly, much of U.S. corporate media colludes with the regime’s deceit.

For the latest evidence of China’s bellicosity, consider recent reporting from U.S. intelligence that Chinese hackers have been attempting to steal intellectual property from U.S. institutions seeking Chinese coronavirus treatments and vaccines. These attempts may have already damaged vaccine research. This is on top of China’s increasingly overt acts of aggression from Taiwan to the South China Sea, and Australia to the European Union.

For the latest evidence of the U.S. media’s complicity, consider a representative example from a May 5 article in the Washington Post. The adopter of the “Democracy Dies in Darkness” tagline opened its opinion page to the democracy-defying Chinese Communist Party (CCP), printing an editorial from Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai.

The New York Times did so as well several weeks prior, allowing Tiankai to publish an editorial calling for “solidarity, collaboration and mutual support,” in what seemed to be a coordinated effort with some 100 Chinese scholars, who echoed this call in an open letter. They were joined by many of the media’s close partners in the U.S. national security and foreign policy establishment, nearly 100 of whom who signed a similar letter.
China Again Attempts to Deflect Deserved Blame

The Washington Post column, titled “Chinese ambassador: Ignoring the facts to blame China will only make things worse,” is a masterpiece of the CCP English-language propaganda genre. It begins with two big lies, and goes downhill from there.

First, Tankai says China “spared no expense to save lives.” It did no such thing.

Some things it might have done had it been such a humanitarian actor include: preserving coronavirus samples and inviting doctors from across the world to freely examine them; permitting its doctors to speak openly and honestly; halting international travel out of Hubei province, and suggesting that other countries close their borders too; apprising the world that the coronavirus spread by human-to-human transmission the second it knew this, consistent with the urgings of Taiwan; and allowing Taiwan to participate in World Health Organization (WHO) forums concerning the coronavirus.

Second, Tiankai says that “the absurd mind-set of ‘always blame China’” has been hampering “international efforts to curb the virus.” This isn’t true either.

While Tiankai would like to present the Chinese Communist Party as the victim, it is the assailant. Rather than “sparing no expense to save lives,” it instead spared no attempt to suppress the truth about what was transpiring, blame-shifted, and threatened those calling for...

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