90 Miles From Tyranny : American Mask Manufacturer Claims "Losing Every Single Bid To Chinese Companies" For U.S. Government Contracts

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

American Mask Manufacturer Claims "Losing Every Single Bid To Chinese Companies" For U.S. Government Contracts

In less than a month, we will hit the one-year mark for the infamous “15 days to slow the spread” campaign brought by the U.S. government. It was created to bring awareness of Covid-19 and the government’s request that Americans shelter in their homes to help ease the burden on hospitals and personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturers.

When the U.S. hospital system called out desperately for more PPE, Chinese manufacturers closed their doors. Whatever product China did release for purchasing came with a disgustingly inflated price. Americans stood in the gap, creating nearly 30 small businesses to fill the need for N95 masks.

Or so one would think.

Paul Hickey says he has millions of ‘Made in America’ N95s for sale through his high-quality Utah mask company, PuraVita Medical, but they have a tough time winning U.S. contracts. Hickey says it’s foreign companies, not other U.S. companies taking those coveted government contracts, which he says likely means that “U.S. mask manufacturers will all be out of business and [Americans] will be even more dependent on China 12 months from now than before the...

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BC said...

I just bought a case of their KN95 masks after reading this. They sell direct.

Also, their cheapie blue disposable masks are actually ASTM rated unlike all the cheap Chinese ones on Amazon.

Drew458 said...

I have been screaming for a year now that US companies should be churning out N95 masks by the millions. Nobody ever said a company other than 3M even existed. And 3M sold us all down the river a year ago.

If wearing a mask is going to do any good, wearing a good mask is going to do the most good. And there are no good masks available to the public. Sure, a KN95 may be arguably better than some worthless fashion mask, that is IF the thing actually meets spec. And it seems that most don't. Typical ChiComs.

There is something fishy with this story. I went to Amazon, and Puravita does not sell through them. Their loss perhaps. OTOH, almost every other Chicom KN95 mask costs more than theirs, even when you add in the minor shipping charge ($7 for the 250 count carton). You'd think they could corner the Amazon market channel, emphasizing US Made and inspected, for a better price. I know that every time Instapundit runs an ad post for Chinese masks the readers beat up on them.

But let's focus on one thing: this is an American company making Chi-spec masks. They are NOT selling N95 masks to you or me. Amazon isn't either; every listing they have for those is "prioritized for the medical community".

So Puravita can sell their lower spec KN95 for less than the imported (probably junk) ones discounted at Amazon. But they claim to be losing every sale to the government. Really??. Let's see some numbers please. How much to buy a pallet full of the real N95s, which is probably about 50,000 masks, B2B or B2Gov price? How much to get a truck full; about 24 full height pallets per truck?

And another odor of last week's tuna: Puravita doesn't even have actual N95 masks. From their site:

We are now accepting pre-orders for our cup shaped N95 and folded flat N95 respirators!
To secure a portion of our supply before it sells out, press the "Inquire Now" button below!

Price available on inquiry only. It does NOT say "pre-orders for our next production run". I have to assume they've never sold the things before.

So what's the real story??

Drew458 said...

Looks like they are brand new to the mask making world. From their own web site, this news announcement from February 11, 2021:

"PuraVita is a Utah-based mask manufacturing company wholly owned and operated by Americans. The management team has over 100 years of combined experience with supply chain management, manufacturing, and the building of successful companies. The Company recently started production of 3ply ASTM level 2 and level 3 masks and USA KN95 masks with the current capacity to produce 6 million masks per month. PuraVita recently submitted its application to NIOSH and after receiving approval will start producing N95 respirators."

So they may or may not even have NIOSH approval yet, they just got into the game, and the first thing they're doing is crying that they can't get government contracts?

Something is wrong here.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Dr. Judy Mikovitz recommended the mask I wear when I must. It is copper and silver mesh. TRU47 is the site to go to.