90 Miles From Tyranny : Ivy League ‘Wokes’ are the Biggest Supporters of Political Violence

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Ivy League ‘Wokes’ are the Biggest Supporters of Political Violence

D.C. doesn’t need the National Guard, but Columbia and Yale might.

The Democrats and their media have spent the past few months crying about political violence coming from conservatives, calling for gun control, and militarizing the nation’s capital. All of the agonizing about political violence came after a year in which ‘woke’ Black Lives Matter mobs killed, beat, and burned their way across the country in an orgy of ‘mostly peaceful’ violence.

Even the most modest estimates of political woke terror in 2020 place it at 8 dead, over 700 injured, and over $2 billion in damages. And the year could have ended even more bloodily with the Left prepping for mass protests with “bail funds that could be activated in response to mass arrests" and a fund “for the families of anyone killed in violence on or around Election Day."

Months before the election, 41% of Democrats suggested that there would be at least a little justification for violence if President Trump won. Those are numbers the media won’t discuss.

While the media continues to promote a phantom conservative threat, it doesn’t want to look at where the violence is coming from in its own ranks. But it will not surprise anyone who remembers the seventies that Democrat support for violence is coming from the Ivy League.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) free speech survey from 2020 found that the highest level of tolerance for political violence came from Columbia University students. Three-quarters of Columbia students identified themselves as some form of “liberal” while less than 10% would describe themselves as politically conservative.

Meanwhile at Yale, 1 in 5 students were willing to tolerate political violence under some circumstances. These are the future leaders of the country’s public and private institutions.

The college with the most conservative student body, Brigham Young, making up about half the students, also had a student body with the least tolerance for political violence.

While most surveys don't break down support for political violence within a party, the FIRE college survey showed that "students identifying as extremely liberal said violence to stop a speech or event from occurring on campus was 'always' or 'sometimes' acceptable at a rate double than students identifying as extremely conservative."

The identified political demographic with the strongest support for violence was the Left.

The 'wokes' weren't directly represented, but so-called non-binary gender students, an almost certain 'tell' of wokeness, were the most violent with 1 in 10 believing that violence was sometimes or always acceptable, and a third believing that political violence could be justified. Three-quarters of this group identified as...

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ruralcounsel said...

There was a time when even the Ivies had monuments to remember their dead from WWI and WWII. Here's to hoping that in another 30 years or so, they can put up analogous monuments commemorating their Antifa/BLM dead. With lots and lots of names on them.

Let them feel what real violence is. Because most of them don't have a clue ... it's just an abstract concept to them now.

Ron Green said...

Amen brother. Like Joe Rogan said " there are at least a million soldiers in the USA right now that are in civilian status, these MF's know what violence is. If provoked your gonna open you wished never had. That's reality folks along with us that love our country.