90 Miles From Tyranny : Leftists Use Boycotts To Pressure Corporations, Shouldn't We?

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Leftists Use Boycotts To Pressure Corporations, Shouldn't We?


Coke Goes Full Woke


  1. Was already done with them for health reasons. This shit seals it. Woke Coke is a joke. Too White for Sprite.

  2. I think corps have just been using leftists to do what they wanted to do anyway. At this point, corporations would rather go down than to treat the real Americans correctly, either through hiring or in their products. They hate us. Most of them aren't American, pretty much at all, now. They are just moving on to the bigger potential markets.

    They believe they don't need white Europeans or Americans anymore.

  3. Have you got the "moxie" to try MOXIE ? ( the soda drink of Maine )

  4. What about Kellogg brand and their anti American stunt. Target stores and the rest room issues, and many more. I don't do business with the left. MAGA

  5. Ever looked at the CEO's of that company? Every one of them is white, very white. Which makes them traitors.


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