90 Miles From Tyranny : What?! Twitter Flags CPAC Website as 'Unsafe' Hours Before the Annual Meeting

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

What?! Twitter Flags CPAC Website as 'Unsafe' Hours Before the Annual Meeting

The American Conservative Union’s annual meeting known as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) appears to be under attack from Big Tech and their buddies on the Left “cancel” the group from polite society on the day before its big annual meeting… “polite society” in this case being screaming rioters and CNN.

CPAC meets in Florida beginning on Thursday and throughout the weekend.

The annual meeting, which has been carried live on C-SPAN and covered by reporters from all political walks of life for years, has been attacked as a tool of white supremacy featuring a cast of speakers straight out of the KKK!

The only things missing are the sheets and conical caps.

The Left has been test-driving this narrative for a while now in hopes that the big lie will catch on and the question is whether Twitter has picked it up. With this latest move, Twitter appears to be playing along and amplifying the nutty narrative with its seeming censorship.

The social media site is veiling tweets linking to the website address cpac.org with an ominous-looking...

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jOHGJOwiejg'oieajgr said...

Just nationalize these assholes. facebook, twitter, fucking google, intagram, pinterest, reddit. Confiscate the whole fucking lot of them. Let people post what they want and use the money for debt reduction.