90 Miles From Tyranny : Tom Cotton: Radical Liberals ‘Want to Erase Our History,’ ‘Replace It With Their Crazy Marxist Theories’

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tom Cotton: Radical Liberals ‘Want to Erase Our History,’ ‘Replace It With Their Crazy Marxist Theories’

During his talk at CPAC Friday, Senator Tom Cotton got to the bottom of what really drives the left today, their total and complete hatred of America and what it stands for.

“More than ever, we need that kind of simple un-ambivalent, un-ashamed patriotism. The proud love of a great country because America truly is a great country, it is worth fighting for, it is worth dying for and it is worth defending our history,” Cotton said, to a cheering crowd.

“These — these radical liberals, they want to erase our history. They want to replace it with their crazy Marxist theories.”

Later in the talk Cotton rammed his point home “When they are tearing down statues of Lincoln and Grant, it is not about the Civil War or racism, it is because they hate America.”

Here’s the transcript, it’s well worth reading:

“Now I’ve got news for the Democrats. Again, turns out this open borders agenda is not very popular. You can see that in the polls about Joe Biden’s plans, 2020 was one of the best elections we have ever had, with Hispanic voters in particular and with immigrant voters in general.

It reminds me of a story a friend of mine back home told me, he works with the first generation immigrant named Manuel (ph). Manuel told him, my wife and both my boys and I all voted for Donald Trump. And my friend said oh, you didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

And Manuel said no, we voted for Trump. And my friend said why did you vote for Trump?

And Manuel pointed at the parking lot and he said have you seen my new pickup truck? And he said, did you know that both of my boys have full-time jobs now? And he said — (Applause) — he said, you know, I’m not offended I like what Donald Trump does. And like so many Americans across the country he said, we have Donald Trump to thank for...

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

They want to erase memories of the golden years of America; the late 40's to early 60's. They do not want folks to know how VERY GOOD North American life was!

MMinWA said...

Sorry Tom but I have a memory. I remember you FAILING to supoort the President when he needed your support the most. Fuck off and Die, I will never vote for you again