90 Miles From Tyranny : Payback time: Trump aide, 27, launches GOP primary bid against Kinzinger, incumbent who voted for impeachment

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Payback time: Trump aide, 27, launches GOP primary bid against Kinzinger, incumbent who voted for impeachment

Notoriously anti-Trump Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger is facing his first primary challenge, and from a former Trump administration official at that.

Catalina Lauf, who was appointed by then-President Donald Trump to serve as a U.S. Department of Commerce advisor back in 2018, announced her candidacy Tuesday against the “fake Republican,” “anti-Trump RINO” and “closet liberal.”

“As President, Donald Trump lifted millions out of poverty, invested historically in our schools, hospitals, and communities, restored America’s status as the strongest nation on earth, and defended the right to life, our Second Amendment, our borders, and our faith,” she said in a statement released on Tuesday, according to The Daily Caller.

“Almost 75 million Americans supported that America First Agenda – but it is clear now that Congressman Kinzinger is a closet liberal who would be better suited for a job as MSNBC or the Lincoln Project. Without question, he cannot be trusted to stand up for his constituents, for President Trump, or for our shared conservative values,” Lauf added.

“That’s why today, I am proud to announce my candidacy for United States Congress,” her statement continued. “Now more than ever, America needs true conservative leaders to oppose the radical agenda of Joe Biden and continue the legacy of President Trump – and as a former advisor to his Administration, I look forward to carrying that torch.”

The 27-year-old aspiring congresswoman also released her first campaign ad:

“My name is Catalina Lauf, and this is Adam Kinzinger, a weak-kneed establishment Republican who cares more about his next MSNBC appearance than the voters who elected him. Not grounded in our home of Illinois, he looks for fame instead of remembering who he works for and the voters who elected him,” she says in the ad.

She isn’t wrong.

Kinzinger has made frequent appearances on MSNBC in the past few months, despite the network’s hosts and contributors habitually spouting incendiary, hyperbolic rhetoric about the Republican Party base.

Case in point:

Lauf continued the ad by calling out Kinzinger’s record of voting in line with Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s agenda and, worse, voting to...

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