90 Miles From Tyranny : French teacher under police protection after he reveals total Islamization in his city....

Friday, February 19, 2021

French teacher under police protection after he reveals total Islamization in his city....

In France, a teacher received death threats after warning of the growing influence of Islamism in the country. The philosophy teacher Didier Lemaire says he is now under police protection, reported the AFP news agency. The Versailles prosecutor said they were investigating the threats.

Lemaire published a letter in November following the murder of the teacher Samuel Paty by an Islamist last year. In it he accused the French government of not having an effective strategy against Islamism. In his 20 years as a teacher in a Paris suburb, he had seen how its influence had grown.

The teacher recently described the situation in his area to the broadcaster BFM-TV. “There are no more mixed hairdressing salons. Women are not tolerated in the cafes.” After the Jewish residents of the suburb had left it because of pressure from the Islamists, it was now directed against moderate Muslims and atheists, lamented Lemaire.

The teacher described the reality he was now faced with: His students, in a 70 percent Muslim commune, sent many jihadists to Syria.

France was again rocked by Islamist attacks last year. A man from Tunisia killed three people in a church in Nice. Shortly afterwards, in Avignon, the police shot and killed a suspect who was armed with a pistol and a knife and threatened passers-by and shouted “Allahu Akbar”.

But the Islamists in Trappes have not backed down. The Muslim mayor distributed pamphlets at the school denouncing the teacher. For having entered a school in his municipality in order to exert religious pressure, the mayor of Trappes should have been severely punished. But this is not the case and it proves that justice has long since been abandoned in entire areas of the country, explained Philippe Fontana, lawyer at the Paris bar to Valeurs Actuelles.

The case of the mayor of Trappes storming into a high school in his town is symptomatic of the lack of application of the law, and more particularly of criminal law, in certain zones of France, which have been “lost” to Islam. This denial characterizes the abandonment of the very purpose of a state, the “potestas”, synonymous with the power that it exercises within a defined space over its population.

The facts are known: outraged by the denunciation of an Islamo-leftism of which he is the symbol, the mayor of Trappes, Ali Rabeh, went to a school in his commune on Thursday 11 February to distribute religious leaflets. These facts may suggest a certain political activism since leftist politicians have been downplaying them, calling them “an error in the distribution of leaflets in a high school”.

Others deny the criminal intent outright, like an evening daily which reported...

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