90 Miles From Tyranny : Mr. Snerdley Pays Tribute to the Late, Great Rush Limbaugh as Only He Could

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Friday, February 19, 2021

Mr. Snerdley Pays Tribute to the Late, Great Rush Limbaugh as Only He Could

A day after the passing of conservative icon and talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh, the man known as Bo Snerdley gave a rare interview Thursday night to Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity, and delivered a beautiful set of remarks reflecting on his late friend after having served as Limbaugh’s longtime producer and call screener.

With his voice filled with emotion, Snerdley spoke of Limbaugh as another “Founding Father” who was “one of the finest human beings” ever who “never failed to thank people for the smallest service.”


Hannity teased Snerdley’s appearance throughout the show, but finally brought him on in the final full segment, first saying Snerdley (whose real name is James Golden) “had the first-hand experience throughout all these years watching up close and personal, the remarkable life and career of Rush Limbaugh.”

Golden thanked Hannity for “hav[ing] been so kind, not just to me, but to all of us” on Limbaugh’s team “during this period of profound grief” in which “we can’t wrap our arms,” “brains[,] and our hearts around” the fact “that our beloved Rush has returned his talent to God and we are so thankful to him.”

Adding that El Rushbo was “a second-generation Founding Father,” Mr. Snerdley said his friend’s impact “went beyond radio” and even “politics” as he “changed so many trajectories” across America.

He then spoke on what Limbaugh did to revolutionize conservative thought and its presence in the media:

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