90 Miles From Tyranny : RIP Maja Rushie...

Friday, February 19, 2021

RIP Maja Rushie...

Talk Radio Legend Rush Limbaugh Dies at 70

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1 comment:

  1. We have lost a great American and Patriot. but more than that, we've lost someone who one could consider the conscience of our country. He believed in what made this country great and in turn pointed out the idiocy and worse of these people who not only spout hatred and more towards our country but in fact hate it and the fundementals it was founded on. And one point to all the haters out ther, especially to those who never bothered to even listen to him or his show.

    Rush always made the point of telling his listeners "don't just listen to me and take my word as gospel! Check out the facts, educate yourself as to the realities of the situation and not just on what I say"

    I heard him say that many times (believe it or nit, Glen Beck always did that also). So how bad can someone really be who opines then turns and tells all to study it their selves then make what is hopefully a learned decision.

    May he rest in peace and let me say Thank You Rush!


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