90 Miles From Tyranny : Marxist Academic Blasting Churchill Over Racial Views Tweeted “White Lives Don’t Matter.”

Friday, February 19, 2021

Marxist Academic Blasting Churchill Over Racial Views Tweeted “White Lives Don’t Matter.”

Priya Gopal – the Marxist professor claiming Sir Winston Churchill was a “racist” – has previously attacked white people, claiming “white lives don’t matter” and calling for an “abolition” of “whiteness.”

Gopal, 53, moved to the United Kingdom to take advantage of the same free society and education systems she is now attacking.

The daughter of an Indian diplomat, Gopal has lived in Sri Lanka, Austria, and the UK and is now taking aim at her new country’s history.

Cambridge’s Varsity magazine reported:

A panel held last week (11/02) by Churchill College critically discussed Winston Churchill and the legacy of his racial views.

The discussion, entitled The Racial Consequences of Mr Churchill’, brought together four academics for a “critical re-assessment of Churchill’s life and legacy in light of his views on empire and race.” The academics were Professor Priya Gopal – who chaired the discussion – Professor Kehinde Andrews, Dr Madhusree Mukerjee and Dr Onyeka Nubia.

Professor Priya Gopal, a fellow at Churchill College, commented that, in Britain, there is a certain “privileging [of the discourse] of the war against fascism and a silencing around the question of empire.”

But Gopal’s own racist past is well documented.

On June 23rd 2020, Gopal tweeted: “I’ll say it again. White lives don’t matter. As white lives.” She then added: “Abolish whiteness.”

She was rewarded with a robust defense from her employer, Cambridge University, and a check from the Daily Mail for £25,000 after they...

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  1. I would guess she is on a list somewhere

  2. Being a racist no matter your skin color, background, or ethnic history is not good. Every race should be equal as our laws say.

  3. She's one of those wretched souls that, knowing she will never achieve greatness, lashes out at those that are truly great in a vain attempt to justify her own miserable existence. The best response is to simply laugh at her.

  4. Gopal is an idiot!!!. She slams the man that helped beat the bad guys. What would India have looked like had the Imperial Japanese taken over. What has Gopal done to make the 🌎 a better place??.


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