90 Miles From Tyranny : WATCH: Police send late-night 'Gestapo to intimidate' mom for Facebook remark

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

WATCH: Police send late-night 'Gestapo to intimidate' mom for Facebook remark

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida -- Will police ever show up at your door for what you post on social media?

The answer is yes, as a South Florida woman has posted video of a late-night visit to her home Friday by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, warning her about a Facebook comment she made concerning masks.

"Palm Beach County sends Gestapo to my home," says Angelique Contreras, describing the incident. "When I asked for this strange man's identification his response was 'What do you want? Badge, gun, handcuffs?'"

The Feb. 12 incident occurred as police admitted on camera they had been monitoring the mother-of-three's discussion about the county's new policy to exclude from their public meetings people without masks due to health exemptions. 

A man named Anthony Collins had joked online about leaving "hundreds of bags of garbage" on the lawn of the county commissioner, and Contreras replied with the terse remark, "thousands of Mask(s)."

That prompted an officer identifying himself as Det. Horton of the PBSO to arrive late at night to the home of Contreras, a local hair and makeup artist who hails from a family of Cuban refugees.

Horton tells Contreras in the video, "The reason why we're here is, bothering you on a Friday night, is, I guess you and some guy named Anthony were posting on social media that you were gonna go trespass on a county commissioner's property, dump garbage on her property."

"I didn't say that I would dump garbage on her property," Contreras said.

"That's the discussion you guys were having," Horton said.

"No it wasn't," the woman indicated.

"I can show you the post," Horton continued.

Contreras responded, "I plead the Fifth," referring to the the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. WATCH:

"Trespassing is a crime. Dumping garbage on people's property is a crime. So don't do it," Horton explained.

Contreras asked: "Is that why you all are here?"

"Yeah," said Horton. "Today's day and age, ma'am, you're talking about trespassing ..."

"Didn't talk about trespassing," Contreras noted.

"Going on someone's property is trespassing, right?" the detective explained.

"I didn't say any of those...

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  1. That area? Dade, Broward, they are just South New York City, with all the petty democrat bullscat. Vote stealing and harvesting, pay-to-play for services from the government, shoving old people into nursing homes full of COVID (those two counties count for most of our deaths from the Covidiocracy.)

    So this doesn't surprise me at all.

  2. That Florida official is about to learn about the Streisand effect

  3. And yet so many on the Right insist on supporting the police.

    The police are creatures of the state. They serve the state, not the citizenry. They will do as they are ordered.

    And so will the military.

  4. So the deputy says civilian on someones property is trespassing. Civilian trespasses and he won't do anything as no one will do anything. She should make it her mission to find out who this person is and trespass on her property.

  5. That deputy is a dickweed. Cocky little fucktard, gives Law Enforcement a bad name..... Bet he is headed to the truck stop to give handjobs......or more likely, BJs.....


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