90 Miles From Tyranny : MORE EVIDENCE: 6% Discrepancy Between Voting Machines v. Hand Recounts for 4 GOP Candidates

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

MORE EVIDENCE: 6% Discrepancy Between Voting Machines v. Hand Recounts for 4 GOP Candidates

No… this isn’t conspiracy theory or rumor.

This is now verified fact.

In Windham, New Hampshire, 4 GOP candidates have officially been declared winners.

But if it weren’t for the hand-recount and audit, then we would have never found out the truth.

For each of the 4 candidates from Windham, New Hampshire, the hand-recounts delivered 6% *more* votes to the GOP candidates.

This appears to suggest that the voting machines SHORTED each of the candidates by 6 percent.

To make matters even worse, it turns out that 85% of the state uses the same machines.

This has been confirmed by the state’s attorney general.

According to local WMUR 9 News:

A ballot discrepancy is being reviewed in the town of Windham after a hand recount that was conducted following the November election showed a significant change in the numbers.

After a tight race for state representative in Windham’s general election, the hand recount was conducted by the Secretary of State’s Office.

“I was short by 24 votes, which was a tough loss,” said Democratic candidate Kristi St. Laurent. “I’ve run a number of times.”

The recount found approximately 300 additional votes for each of the winning candidates, while St. Laurent, who requested the recount, lost 99 votes.

“Because the discrepancy was so great — it’s around a 6% discrepancy in vote totals — they asked the Attorney General’s Office to investigate,” St. Laurent said.

According to the town, attorneys have requested information about the ballot machines and how the elections are handled. In a letter to the town, officials with the Attorney General’s Office said they will work with local election officials to implement or refine their protocols and procedures.

In the meantime, St. Laurent is pushing to have the ballots looked at again. But the Attorney General’s Office said the law prohibits more than one recount.

“I think we should be able to count them,” she said. “Now they’re just evidence. They are a paper trail for us to go back and figure out where the mistake happened and just make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The voting-counting machine company will be at a selectmen meeting on Feb. 22.

“They have indicated that they are willing to do whatever because they want to have their name cleared,” St. Laurent said.

Windham Town Clerk Nicole Bottai released a statement that said, in part: “The town takes this alleged discrepancy extremely seriously, and we are cooperating to the full extent… Our main priority is to get to the bottom of this important matter.”

Mistakes happen.

We get it.

But what’s odd is that these mistakes only ever seem to impact Republican candidates, not Democrats.

What are the odds?

The New Hampshire Attorney General is currently conducting the investigation as to what happen.

To be clear, the AG has not accused the voting machines of purposefully removing votes.

However, nothing has been ruled out.

And the optics are certainly not looking good.

According to Patch, investigators are looking into voting devices right...

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  1. Thanks, Miles!
    ...And a big shoutout to Gateway Pundit. Lots of stuff on the Big Steal!

  2. To quote a very important person..."At this point, what difference does it make?" THAT quote ought to be our National Motto given the reaction by over half the population to this voting insurrection we just experienced!

  3. You can NEVER accuse a computer of changing votes. Computers are just dumb and fast and do whatever dumb thing you tell them to do a few billion times per second.
    In my almost 50 year career as a software engineer I have been asked and told to 'make numbers look good'. I can proudly say that I told those people to go to hell. But I am not a democrat.


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