90 Miles From Tyranny : American Is Now A Post-Constitutional Oligarchy....

Monday, September 13, 2021

American Is Now A Post-Constitutional Oligarchy....


Oligarchy | Definition of Oligarchy by Merriam-Webster

Oligarchy definition is - government by the few. How to use oligarchy in a sentence. oligarchy and Other Words for Rulers


  1. Ms. Robinson is going to get her WH press credentials pulled if she keeps spewing such "wrong-speak" so publicly.

  2. Typical Obama. The guy could never connect all the dots. He honestly believes you can get from point A to point D and completely bypass B and C. This tells me history is not in his repertoire. What did he forget kids? What is at points B and C? Mao, Lenin, Castro and Maduro did not bypass those points and thus were successful. No wonder Obama's ed transcripts are secret.


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