90 Miles From Tyranny : Sweden Passes New Law To Compensate Those Injured By COVID Vaccines

Monday, September 13, 2021

Sweden Passes New Law To Compensate Those Injured By COVID Vaccines

Sweden has passed a new law that will compensate those injured by the COVID vaccines. The new law would come into force in December but retroactively grant compensation to anyone injured as a result of the vaccines prior to that date.

The Swedish government has announced a new proposal that would see those who have taken coronavirus vaccines and have been injured as a result will be entitled to compensation.

The Swedish government announced the new proposal on Thursday, with Social Minister Lena Hallengren commenting:

“Serious side effects of vaccines against COVID-19 are uncommon, but as an individual, you should be sure that financial compensation is paid in the event of injury.”

“With this bill, the state takes it upon itself to pay the compensation for damage due to approved vaccines against COVID-19, in cases where a vaccine is not covered by Pharmaceutical Insurance or if...

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  1. Finally the Swedes have developed brains.

  2. This may be an unintended consequence, but I bet a lot more people apply for compensation than they expect. Which may give the world's most accurate number for vaccine side effects.


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