90 Miles From Tyranny : Watch: Muslim University student senator busted ‘trashing’ American flag display honoring 9/11 victims

Monday, September 13, 2021

Watch: Muslim University student senator busted ‘trashing’ American flag display honoring 9/11 victims


A student senator at Washington University in St. Louis was caught on camera as he allegedly defaced a memorial of 2,977 flags commemorating the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the 20 year anniversary, throwing them in the trash.

The College Republicans put together the thoughtful memorial on the school’s Mudd Field. Sophomore Nathaniel Hope reportedly saw student senator Fadel Alkilani removing the flags on Saturday morning and started filming a video that has since gone viral, according to the school newspaper Student Life.

In the video posted by the Young American’s Foundation, Alkilani can be seen carrying see-through garbage bags stuffed with American flags off of the field.

On Saturday, Alkilani released a statement defending his actions without apology.

College Republicans president junior Nick Rodriguez condemned Alkilani’s actions and called for his immediate resignation from leadership positions on campus, writing in a statement to the student newspaper that Alkilani “made a mockery of one of the most somber days in American history.”

“At minimum, I believe he should be removed from both SU [student union] and his [resident adviser] position, as what does it say to be a top American institution, and have yourself represented by a student leader who has no respect for property, campus traditions or the remembrance of thousands of lost lives,” Rodriguez wrote. “Today is about remembering the tragedy, 20 years ago to the day, not to make a...

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  1. He needs to move to a country that he will appreciate the flag, like Cuba or Venezuela.

  2. Back in the day, he would have had been beaten to fuck and dumped in a dumpster. Fuck him. And guess what America, more of this shit and worse is coming our way..... Gonna get ugly.

  3. He's not AN American. Prove me wrong.

  4. That's a darling little 'man' bun you got there Fadel, it would be just awful if anything were to happen to it...

  5. Why would the university NOT expel him?

  6. Those flags don't belong to him so he is stealing them. Let's go by his religion's rules and cut his hands off so he can't steal again.


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