90 Miles From Tyranny : The Press is Doing Backflips Claiming Everything is Misinformation About COVID Vaccines

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Press is Doing Backflips Claiming Everything is Misinformation About COVID Vaccines

The Western press is so compromised because they pushed the vaccines and even were telling people not to let families member join for Christmas if they were not vaccinated. So anything now that shows that the vaccines were far more dangerous than anyone reported, they cannot now admit – Sorry – we were wrong and it may have injured or killed people because we did not remain independent.

The AP claims it is misinformation. Yet the WHO Website actually used the words that the “Covid-19 vaccination can induce sclerosis…”

The Associated Press created misinformation by twisting it all around:

“AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. A database on the WHO website includes an abstract for a conference presentation about research that examined two recent cases of MS. The research found there might be a potential link to COVID vaccines, but did not definitively conclude the shots triggered the neurological disease, according to the global health agency and multiple sclerosis experts.”

There is a huge difference between the WHO saying it “can” cause MS and the AP FAKE NEWS protecting their own ass by changing the words to “there might be a potential link”. The mainstream press has become just as bad as politicians. Neither will EVER admit a mistake.

I have friends who have been injured and know of others who died. Even my own lawyer took the vaccine so he could...

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Anonymous said...

I blame Trump for not sticking to his guns after he commented about hcq being a game changer. He could've listened to the late Dr. Zelenkov, Dr. Simone Gold, the White Coat Physicians, Dr. Yvette Lozano and so many others who used hcq and zinc with successful results and called for an EUA for hcq (and later, ivermectin)
Instead, he signed off on Operation Warp Speed to create dangerous drugs with minimal oversight and testing, and absolutely NO liabilities for the makers.
He listened to fauci's b.s. including using remdesiver which caused organ failure and high mortality rates and let the medical industrial complex dictate his actions.
I blame all democrats from the white house to the state governors (some r's as well) who forced the clot shots with their 'no jab, no job' mandates.
I blame all the hospitals who gleefully took the billions of dollars for putting patients on ventilators and puffing up their covid cases, and firing the doctors and nurses who DID see something was wrong with the whole situation.

I could go on, but you get the point.
There's a lot of people and organizations to be held accountable besides the media.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone trust Reuters/AP's judgement, declaration, evaluation, or plain say-so?

Every MSM relies on R/AP's guidance and "sourcing", why?

Journalism, as a whole, is no longer independent from the news as advertisers (such as Pharma) control the (pay to play) content.