90 Miles From Tyranny : CDC Officially Rebrand Obesity as a ‘Disease’ With ‘No Known Cure’

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Friday, June 2, 2023

CDC Officially Rebrand Obesity as a ‘Disease’ With ‘No Known Cure’

The CDC has officially rebranded obesity as a ‘disease’ with ‘no known cure’ as part of a plan to remove the stigma of being grossly overweight.

The CDC wants the public and medical community to see obesity through the lens of a chronic disease – which coincidentally supports the globalist elite’s depopulation agenda.

Eating unhealthy processed food that makes you fat is now the norm in America. Over half the world’s population is projected to be “obese” just 12 years from now. That’s 4 billion people, according to the World Obesity Federation (WOF).

Naturalnews.com reports: According to the WOF report, children are a top category for skyrocketing obesity statistics, especially in lower-income cities and counties. Maybe if we all close our eyes we won’t see the problem and it will disappear. That makes as much sense as deleting the word obesity from every article, research paper, website, post, blog, video, and history book to help “solve” the problem of obese people feeling bad about themselves.

Health care costs for treating obese people with all their health ills tops out in the trillions of dollars, and the sick care industry is not healing them, just covering up symptoms and performing surgeries, while the same patients keep eating the same junk science “food stuff” and polluting their bodies and minds.

Most school systems serve up enough junk food that makes thin kids turn obese within a few months. The food pyramid tells everyone to eat lots of bread, dairy, and meat, which can all drive inflammation and constipation, since most conventional forms of these contain hormones, antibiotics, chemical agents, and toxic additives and preservatives. Obesity is the real pandemic, and it’s planned by Big Food and Big Pharma. This has been in the works since WWII, when food processing plants became the norm.

The CDC, FDA, AMA, ADA, WHO, EPA, and just about every other 3-letter agency are all part of the toxic-food, sick-care combo-industry that perpetuates preventable diseases and disorders by failing to protect the food supply and the medical treatment supply. The natural health world is under attack by the very agencies who should be acting to protect it.

The best plan would be to “delete” these agencies and get rid of them once and for all, since they are worse than...

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Anonymous said...

Correctly labeled as gluttony and sloth of which there are known cures. Just one more do not believe your lying eyes order from the collective on high.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous 1st comment. I used to think it was mostly people overeating. I don't think that anymore. Its the food. It is quite literally the food. When you cut out everything but meat, salt, fat, and water. (No processed meats) you start loosing weight, even if you eat until your stuffed every day.

Look at what is in the every day diet. Mass amounts of sugar and processed sugar, huge amounts of carbs (breads and grains, neither of which are the breads and grains your grandparents ate.) The fruits have all been genetically tampered with to be basically sugar so as to taste better. Processed seed oils, which when anything even touching them is removed from diets lots of the inflammation goes away quickly. Your drinks are all highly processed and filled with sugar. Even the water you drink is bad. (Seriously most water in the us is recycled water, which would be fine, except 4/5ths of Americans are on drugs on some sort which do not break-down is the reclamation cycle. You are quite literally drinking a cocktail of watered down drugs.)

You go back to 1950-s and prior cancer, diabetes, and food intolerances were almost non-existent. We literally have a food problem.

Insulin works by transporting sugar from your fat reserves to your body. Insulin resistance makes it harder for your insulin to get the sugar where it needs to go, thereby causing both a buildup of sugar in your fat reserves as well as causing low blood sugar because your body isn't getting enough sugar. Your body creates and uses a small amount of sugar every day. But the American diet has so much sugar your body starts shutting down because there is too much of it.

The truly terrible thing about the processed food is that your body is literally starving for nutrients. Your getting inflamed from the seed oils, your getting fat from the massive amounts of sugar and carbs, and your literally starving due to the lack of nutrients which is why people get hungry just a few hours after eating a full meal. You say its a sin of gluttony, I say they feel like they are starving because they ate something they were told was fine and their body is constantly throwing them eat now before you starve signals.

The sad thing is most of this is in fact known by big pharma, but they are making so much money off of a constantly sick population that they simply don't care.

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice job anon2. And I agree with anon1. Then there is the sedentary lifestyle. Come with me on the farm for a summer....they'll lose weight.

SiGraybeard said...

To add a point to the long one from anonymous, the "Food Pyramid" or "My Plate" and all of those Dietary Guidelines come from the USDA and there is not one person on that committee that doesn't have monetary ties to the Big Food and Big Pharma complex. Some of them have many of those monetary ties. Conflict of interest? They throw out perfectly valid scientific research all the time.

Add in the non-government three letter agencies like the American Heart Association, the Diabetes Association and all the others handing out disinformation. It means pretty much everything we read about diet is demonstrably false.

As with everything else we've been seeing lately, if the government says to do something, take a serious look at doing the opposite of whatever they say.

The crappiest quality science in the world is about what's "healthy food."

MMinWA said...

Good comments.

My .02 is that the obese can't help but know the garbage they're ingesting is not healthy. Every one of them? No of course not, but the vast majority.

One of my side hustles is Facilities Management for a hotel. Everyone of the front desk people(except 2 skinny wasteoid dudes) and housekeepers are freakin' huge.

I was talking to one of the gals about the "hot breakfast" this hotel puts out every morning for their guests. Liquid microwaved eggs, piles of sugary rolls & donuts, "country" gravy(the 3rd ingredient is soybean oil!), white flour bombs, sausage links full of nitrates, breakfast cereals, syrup for the waffles that is almost entirely high fructose corn syrup...you get the idea.

I told her most of this food wasn't just unhealthy, it was poison. She asked how I stayed slim and I told her my diet is pretty much just animal proteins like grass finished beef, eggs & wild caught fish. Some peppers, garlic, onions...but no simple carbs. We went on for a few minutes with her telling me she would avoid that buffet and bring her own lunch.

Next day, guess what? She's chowing down on a heaping portion of white flour biscuits smothered with gravy. I swear just her ass is 150 pounds. Young gal too, late 20s with a lifetime of health problems ahead. She already has serious back & joint issues.

You can lead a horse to water... When the shit hits the fan, millions of people like this will be gone in the first die off.

Anonymous said...

A life worth living includes choices that are hard. The idea that some humans are powerless to fix their life is true. The idea that they have the ability control their life is also completely true. The only difference is the attitude of the person. The can't never could and the could never can't. It really is up to you. It is that way because they allow it to be. Your choices in your life are your own, please stop blaming others for the life you built for you. The idea that you are not responsible for your life follows the same patterns.

Anonymous said...

Fix the “food”, fix the problem.