90 Miles From Tyranny : New York Dems Want to Free ‘Son of Sam,’ All Serial Killers New bill would end life sentences, offer parole to the worst monsters.

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Saturday, June 3, 2023

New York Dems Want to Free ‘Son of Sam,’ All Serial Killers New bill would end life sentences, offer parole to the worst monsters.

Last year, California’s Gov. Newsom announced that he was dismantling Death Row, providing relief to monsters like the “Grim Sleeper” serial killer who killed nine women, the “Yosemite Killer,” and Charles Ng, who raped, tortured, and killed unknown numbers of women.

New York Democrats have decided to go one better by offering parole to serial killers.

The campaign, promoted by celebrities like Common and John Legend, could set the worst monsters in prison loose on a city and state already drowning in crime.

Senate Bill S2423, known to its backers as Elder Parole, eliminates life sentences by offering parole to all prisoners regardless of how horrific their crimes may have been.

Any murderer, rapist, or pedophile over the age of 55, who spent at least 15 years in prison, will be automatically eligible for parole under a pro-crime bill that has 33 state senate co-sponsors.

Potential parolees could include the “Son of Sam” serial killer, mass shooter Colin “Black Rage” Ferguson, and Richard “Angel of Death” Angelo, a nurse who poisoned dozens of patients. Even if these monsters aren’t paroled immediately, numberless other killers, rapists and pedophiles will be set loose.

After New York Democrats abolished bail and set out to free as many criminals as possible, homicide rates and all crime rates shot up. Many of the Democrat legislators proposing to end life sentences and free serial killers had also backed previous pro-crime measures like the “Less is More Act” which put more convicts back on the street and kept them there.

Charles Rowe (pictured above) raped and stabbed to death a 10-year-old girl; after being paroled he went on a crime spree, but he was kept on the street thanks to Gov. Hochul and the Democrat “Less is More Act,” until he sexually assaulted a 69-year-old woman.

“Let’s not turn this into a murder,” Rowe told his victim.

Not satisfied with the massive increase in crime since the wave of pro-crime laws were unrolled, New York Democrats are on a mission to free every single criminal in prison. Literally.

Senate Bill 2423 or Elder Parole complains that “New York State holds the shameful distinction of having the third-largest population of people serving terms of life imprisonment in the country.” The victims that Elder Parole is lobbying for include not only Son of Sam, but John Jamelske, who ran a house of horrors in his homemade dungeon, and Joel Rifkin, who dismembered women and scattered their parts across parts of New York and New Jersey.

There’s also Calvin Jackson, who murdered nine women in Manhattan and then sexually assaulted their corpses. Jackson is black, making him one of the “disproportionately black and Latinx” monsters that the Democrat pro-crime Elder Parole bill claims are “aging rapidly behind bars.”

Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal, who is responsible for the proposal to free all the serial killers, does not believe that it’s “shameful” that these crimes were committed against innocent women or...

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Anonymous said...

Look, this is going to happen. It is not like New York or California are part of America. They are separate, and very much UN-American entities.

Subotai Bahadur

JG said...

I just wonder why these fool politicians want to do things to hurt their residents as it makes no sense. Keeping crime up does nothing good for their areas. The politicians do not get affected as they have security but the people that vote for them are hurt.