90 Miles From Tyranny : John Kerry: Farmers Must Stop Growing Food to Meet ‘Net Zero’ Goals for ‘Emissions’

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

John Kerry: Farmers Must Stop Growing Food to Meet ‘Net Zero’ Goals for ‘Emissions’

Democrat President Joe Biden’s “climate czar” John Kerry is calling for farmers to stop growing food in order to meet the administration’s radical “net zero” goals for lowering “emissions.”

Kerry, Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, issued the warning during a green agenda conference in Washington D.C.

During the Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) AIM for Climate Summit, Kerry told the audience that “we can’t get to net zero, we won’t get this job done, unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution.”

Kerry warned attendees that his and other world leaders’ “lives depend” on farmers ceasing their operations.

Stopping farmers from growing food will lower agriculture “emissions,” Kerry insists.

He continued by noting that he does not even call it climate change anymore.

“It’s not change; it’s a crisis,” he declared.

“Mitigating methane is the fastest way to reduce warming in the short term,” Kerry claimed as he took aim at livestock farmers.

“Food and agriculture can contribute to a low-methane future by improving farmer productivity and resilience,” he further stated.

We welcome agriculture ministers participating in the implementation of the Global Methane Pledge.”

Kerry, a multibillionaire, argued that the world’s population must slash meat consumption.

However, the overall message delivered by Kerry appeared to be that eating meat should be a luxury that is limited to wealthy elitists like himself.

Essentially, the masses must stop eating meat to meet the goals of the elite.

“Food systems themselves contribute a significant amount of emissions just in the way in which we do the things we’ve been doing,” Kerry asserted.

“With a growing population on the planet – we just crossed the threshold of eight billion fellow citizens around the world – emissions from the food system alone are projected to cause another half a degree of warming by mid-century.”

Kerry called on world leaders from all around the world to massively scale back their citizens’ farming operations.

He argued that doing so is vital in order to keep the planet cooler as we move into the future.

“This sector needs innovation now more than ever,” Kerry said.

“We’re facing record malnutrition at a time when agriculture, more than any other sector, is suffering from the impacts of the climate crisis.”

“We need economic, social, and policy innovation in order to scale adaptation of these technical solutions and get them into the hands of folks in the fields of small farmers on a worldwide basis.

“This is the promise of AIM for Climate Summit.”

Biden, meanwhile, recently vowed that the U.S. will reach “net zero emissions” by the year 2050.

How this happens depends entirely upon how many farms the globalist overlords can force out of business, resulting in much less food and far fewer mouths to feed.

Co-led by both the U.S. and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), AIM for Climate is devoted to slashing farming emissions through...

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JG said...

Kerry married into the Heinz Food family so I wonder what effect he has on it. I hope none. This person should not be anywhere near the government.

Paul said...

Yeah. like that will do anything to help. One volcano and there whole plan goes out the window. Hang em.

Anonymous said...

I find myself wondering if the sacrifice of a few global elite jetsetting windbags might do more to lower the temperature. We HAVE an active volcano in Hawaii, and the elites love ocean views…

Anonymous said...

What if they were made to live their utopia and be the experimental mice for humanity. We can call them the Ufirst.
These people that want farmers to stop growing food are the first that get to stop buying and eating food.
All those people that believe there are too many people on the planet get to be the first to be freed from their earthly bounds first.
All the people that want everyone to stop using the cleanest and cheapest energy possible are not be able to use power and or fuel first.
All the people that want to confiscate anything from others get to be made penniless, homeless and defenseless first.
Evil is winning because it has defrauded its way into wealth and every level of power intentionally. It specializes in setting insane boundaries for everyone but themselves. It will not go silently nor willingly. It must be made to live the wonderful plans then die for its cause in order to restore any semblance of civility and morality in society.

Anonymous said...

Kerry should never eat again.

boron said...

There's more methane coming from Kerry's speaking orifice...

Drake's Place said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerry should never eat again.

^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^^^^^