90 Miles From Tyranny : Biden Pulls 65 Pending Trump Executive Orders

Monday, February 15, 2021

Biden Pulls 65 Pending Trump Executive Orders

Withdrawals take sledgehammer to immigration agenda

President Joe Biden has pulled 65 pending Trump administration executive orders, many of which deal with key national security and immigration matters.

Several of the withdrawals strike down orders that would protect American jobs by tightening immigration restrictions and eliminate proposed oversight regulations on how China-backed Confucius Institutes operate on campus. The Biden administration selectively cut the orders, as some pending Trump administration actions remain under review.

Biden withdrew one Department of Homeland Security regulation that would bar foreign nationals with deportation orders from working. Under current law, outgoing aliens released from custody can still seek legal employment. The proposed—and now withdrawn—Trump executive order would increase protections for American workers by striking down such an expansive employment policy.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R., Texas) blasted Biden's rollback on Trump-era regulations as "disheartening" and "disingenuous."

"President Biden's approach to immigration is both disheartening and predictable given the hypocrisy of the left. In less than one month, the Biden administration has steamrolled commonsense immigration policies simply because they were tied to President Trump," Jackson said. "Clearly, Democrats are not serious about working across the aisle. Disingenuous attempts to legislate in a bipartisan manner are bad for effective policymaking and, in turn, for the American people."

Robert Law, the director of regulatory affairs and policy at the Center for Immigration Studies, said the withdrawal signals radicalism in Biden's coming immigration agenda and that such reversals harm both the country’s security and economy.

"What is very apparent is that there is nothing moderate about the direction of immigration policy that the Biden administration, through his various political appointees, is pursuing," Law said. "If there's any immigration regulation or policy that the Trump administration approved that should be carried on, you would think it would be something like this."

The Biden administration struck down another proposed immigration order that would have eliminated the ability of certain visa holders to seek employment.

These withdrawals—which came without any congressional consultation—also come as the Biden administration and Democrats upend other legislative actions taken to secure the border. On Thursday, the Biden administration rescinded the national emergency proclamation used by the Trump White House to allot funding to construct the southern border wall.

Rep. Jim Banks (R., Ind.) said that such actions hurt the American economy and give illegal immigrants "privileged treatment."

"America's labor market is already tight and thanks to Biden, U.S. citizens now have to compete with a flood of illegal immigrants," said Banks. "Stimulus checks, vaccines, no threat of deportation—it's hard to see what Biden's actual voters get that illegal immigrants don't, aside from income taxes. The only way this sort of privileged treatment makes sense is if Biden is counting on their help in 2024."

Biden also reversed an order that would mandate the disclosure of any agreement made between American schools and Confucius Institutes. Operated by Chinese Communist Party-affiliated entities, Confucius Institutes peddle Chinese influence and monitor...

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  1. Biden and the Democrats are bad for America and Americans

  2. Biden doing everything he can for his Communist Boss.

  3. no reasonable person would agree that it is right for a person with deportation orders to legally have a job in this country.

  4. no reasonable person would agree that it is right for a person with deportation orders to legally have a job in this country.

  5. Biden following orders. Undoing everything he can that a truly fine President did for America. This is an occupation of the White House by enemy combatants. No ifs, ands or buts about it.


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