90 Miles From Tyranny : Bloomberg Boasted About Setting Up His ‘Busty’ Teen Daughter With Multiple Men In China

Friday, February 21, 2020

Bloomberg Boasted About Setting Up His ‘Busty’ Teen Daughter With Multiple Men In China

Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg boasted about setting up his “tall and busty and blonde” 16-year-old daughter with multiple men in China, before demanding the quote be kept “off the record,” according to a resurfaced report.

Bloomberg, 78, whose personal details appeared in a leaked copy of Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious “little black book,” was speaking to a table of Boston College graduates about finding “dates” for his “busty” teenage daughter in communist China.

When he realized there was a journalist sitting at the table, the billionaire Democrat barked “That’s off the record!”

What Bloomberg apparently told a table of graduates in confidence a few years ago about his “busty” teenage daughter should have plenty of people, especially fathers of young girls, scratching their heads.

To say it is a little weird is putting it mildly. When you consider the fact that Bloomberg appears in Epstein’s “little black book“, the anecdote becomes downright disturbing.

From the article from 1999:

“My daughter is tall and busty and blonde,” Michael Bloomberg is telling a table of Boston College graduates. “We went to China together. And what’s a 16-year-old going to do on a business trip?” He pops another carefully buttered piece of bread in his mouth. “So I got her dates in every city in China.” Remembering that I’m also at the table, he glares in my direction. “That’s off the record!” he barks.

With Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex crimes likely to implicate other high profile figures, a leaked copy of the billionaire pedophile’s “little black book” may provide some insight into some of the wealthy people who might feel a little nervous right now.

The book was leaked online after being smuggled out of Epstein’s residence by his former house manager, Alfredo Rodriguez, who was arrested after trying to...

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  1. I’m not above marrying her for the money, but she’s not busty.

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