90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump impeachment witness, ex-ambassador Deep State Operative Marie Yovanovitch signs book deal ‘worth seven figures’

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Trump impeachment witness, ex-ambassador Deep State Operative Marie Yovanovitch signs book deal ‘worth seven figures’

Some might wonder how the left inspires an ongoing queue of seditious actors to step up and create havoc in a system that ought to be solely about serving the interests of American taxpayers.

It’s really not a secret.

News of a seven-figure book deal for the rights to former diplomat Marie Yovanovitch’s memoirs is just the latest example of how it’s done. Giant corporations controlled by progressives, particularly media companies, are serving as the means for rewarding bad behavior by those who are in a position to sling arrows at those targeted by the liberal leadership … even when they miss their mark.

Yovanovitch was most recently the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, appointed by Pres. Barack Obama in 2016. In November 2019, she emerged from a relatively obscure U.S. Foreign Service career as an impeachment inquiry witness called by House Democrats to give testimony that was in effect, pointless.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), a Boston-based publisher, confirmed on Friday in a news release that it acquired Yovanovitch’s planned memoir. Two people familiar with the deal told the Associated Press that it will be worth “seven figures.”

At this point, it is noted that social media is NOT ablaze with the news.

Nonetheless, the publisher is going through the motions, trying to drum up some excitement about it. The PR statement reads:
“Ambassador Yovanovitch has devoted her entire career to public service, fighting for freedom and democracy against the forces of corruption and authoritarianism around the globe. Little did she know that she would need to bring that same fight right here, to Washington. Her recent congressional testimony electrified the nation,” said Bruce Nichols, HMH SVP and Publisher. “We could not be more excited to publish her inspiring and urgently needed story.”
OK. “Her recent congressional testimony electrified the nation.” … perhaps the book will be shelved in the Satire section?

As for the publisher’s motivations, given the suspect prospects for profit, it’s revealing to examine the record of political donations by members, owners, and families connected with the...

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  1. Liars supporting liars with prestige, fame and money. That's all a good little commie needs. Odd how all these leftists are rich ass hell.


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