90 Miles From Tyranny : Isn't it rich? Are we a pair? Me here at last on the ground, You in mid-air. Where are the clowns?

Friday, February 21, 2020

Isn't it rich? Are we a pair? Me here at last on the ground, You in mid-air. Where are the clowns?

There they are.

You expected a video right?

No Video.  

But I Found ThE Below Comment On The Video That I Found Interesting. 

It Reminds Me Of The Power Of Music And How To This Day, Music Connects Me With My Youth And To Different Times In My Life. Music Is The Sound Track Of My Life.

Is It The Same For You?

The Comment:

This song reminds me, vividly, of the night I graduated high school. I went through the cap and gown ceremony on a Sunday and then had to immediately go to my busboy job. My boss, who had given me the previous Saturday night off for my prom(THAT was a disaster story in of itself), adamantly refused to give me the night of my graduation off. She was one of those types who, if she hated someone, liked to piss them off and then watch them squirm. But I figured that I was now an adult and had to own up to my responsibilities. She didn't see me squirm once that night. 

After I got off work, I drove around to see if there were any of my classmate's graduation parties still going on. Because of internal family stress at the time, I refused to have one of my own. After all, why inflame the situation and make things worse, I figured? It was one of the first warm nights of the summer and very quiet. I was driving a crappy car with a radio permanently locked on a soft rock station no kid my age would have been caught dead listening to back then. This song came on and helped mellow me out because I was worried about missing out on some fun that night. 

But as I wandered around behind the wheel, I realized something: My high school social scene(such as it was) was now over. I wasn't bound to the my mediocre reputation among my peers. To be honest, my family was one of the poorest households in a affluent suburb of Detroit. In the middle of my Junior year, I realized the hard truth that I would never, no matter how hard I tried, ever be able to fit in let alone keep up with these people. So I simply stopped trying. 

And now, with the graduation over with, and listening to this song, I realized I didn't have to even try. I could start my life over. I was finally free. So I dropped most ties with my former classmates and had nothing more to do with them except for my ten year reunion which had me convinced that some people would never, ever change or grow up. The years since 1981 have had their ups and downs. But it all began one night while driving around and hearing this song.


  1. That should be Trump's Presidential portrait.

  2. Clowns to the Left of me- Jokers to the Right-
    Here I am stuck in the middle with Trump.


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