90 Miles From Tyranny : Who Needs 100 Rounds???

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Who Needs 100 Rounds???

EPIC Act would discontinue pensions for Congress members


  1. Okay. Two duty boxes. But what about practice. A minimum of 50 (a box) a month, to be honestly trained well enough to be precise and accurate. If I would prefer a box a week. Let's split, say two boxes a month for training? Kewl. Now, it's all cheaper by the dozen, so... two boxes a month, for the year, plus two duty boxes, is 1,300 hundred rounds in storage. Unless you get a great five or ten year supply deal. So, a hundred? I... don't bother with a hundred for any of my calibres. I think six k is the least I have, and that's just because .22's became rare and then my finances have taken a hit. I'll... get on that.

  2. Q: In a home defense situation, not knowing how many opponents you might be facing, how many rounds do you want ?

    A: All of them!


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