90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump: Democrats, ‘Dirty Cops’ And ‘Dishonest Scum’ Have ‘POISONED Democracy’

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Trump: Democrats, ‘Dirty Cops’ And ‘Dishonest Scum’ Have ‘POISONED Democracy’

“The ones at the top, they were absolute scum”

Wowing a crowd of thousands in Phoenix Wednesday night, President Trump tore into his Democratic opponents, declaring that it doesn’t matter who he goes up against because “We’re going to win”.

The President referred to Elizabeth Warren as “phony,” called Bernie Sanders “crazy,” and used his favourite nickname for Bloomberg, “Mini Mike.”

Trump accused the Democrats of attempting to “poison” democracy, noting that he has been subjected to “very unfair witch hunts and partisan … crusades” against his Presidency.

“And guess what? They failed,” he proclaimed to a raucous ovation. “And our polls numbers today are higher than they’ve ever been before.”

“I actually think we’re going to win by a lot – just like we did last time,” Trump urged.
Trump particularly focused on the the Russia ‘hoax’, noting that “they stole three years” of his Presidency, and adding ‘They spied on my campaign.’

“The ones at the top they were absolute scum,” Trump declared, suggesting that if ‘dirty cop’ FBI officials had targeted Democrats in the same way, “They’d be in jail for 50 years.”

Focusing on the current Democratic frontrunner, Sanders, Trump mocked the notion that Americans would vote for a socialist at a time when the economy is booming and the country is experiencing record...

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