90 Miles From Tyranny : REPORT: Republicans’ Plan To Take Back The House: BE LIKE TRUMP

Friday, February 21, 2020

REPORT: Republicans’ Plan To Take Back The House: BE LIKE TRUMP


It seems logical enough but in 2018 far too many House republicans, believing the 24/7 anti-Trump far-left media spin, chose to distance themselves from a president who was, and remains, far more popular than any slanted polling numbers would indicate.
The result? Democrats won the House.
Now, a new batch of Republicans has emerged and they recognize that the single greatest asset they have to take back the House is the man currently occupying the White House – a blue collar billionaire who doesn’t back down from a fight and then fights to win every single time.

In contrast to the 2018 midterm elections in which many GOP candidates in competitive districts ran away from Trump, a new cohort of Republicans is embracing the president to win back House seats or shift the Senate to a more activist posture.

With the primary season in full swing, the media’s attention is focused on the presidential campaign. Lost amid this coverage is a key change in how Republicans are campaigning for Congress.

For example, Matt Mowers, 30, is running for the U.S. House in New Hampshire’s 1st district, a swing seat that runs from Manchester to Portsmouth. No incumbent member of Congress has been re-elected since 2008 but it’s been in Democrat hands since Trump won, even though Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a single point in the district.

Bucking conventional wisdom from political consultants, Mowers has embraced Trump, for whom he worked on the 2016 campaign and subsequently in his administration. Mowers also vows to “fight radical socialism,” reflecting Trump’s pugnacious and unapologetic style of taking on opponents.

In northeast Pennsylvania, Jim Bognet, 44, is also running to unseat a Democrat in a competitive district. Like Mowers, Bognet worked in the Trump administration and makes no effort to soft-pedal his intentions of working with the president. A key point of Bognet’s campaign is lambasting incumbent Democrat Matt Cartwright for his support for...

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